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    Condom Cup Doming

    The Condom Cup Doming is one of the most luxurious versions of the personalized promo condoms. The top of the Condoom Cup has a special 3D layer. This gives an extra dimension to your company logo, advertising message or photo.

    Starting at €1,78 per item

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    The Condom Cup Doming is the most luxury version of promotional custom condoms. The top side of this Condom Cup features a special coating so it gets a 3D effect. This results in an extra dimension to your company logo, advertisement, picture, etc.. The Condom Cup Doming is scratch resistant and can be printed in full color. Adding a keyring is also a possible.

    Please note: Unless otherwise agreed, the key rings are supplied separately, because they may damage the Condoms Cups during transport.

    Start up cost € 55,- per order.

    Please read these guidelines before making your artwork.

    • The red and green lines shows where the cuts are going to be made. So please be carefull with any info/text close to these lines. Make sure your design fits the red line and your text is within the green line with a margin of 3mm.
    • Color mode: Use CMYK mode for your design.
    • Text: Be sure to convert all text to Outlines or enclose the font with your order.
    • Resolutions: All designs and images need to be 300 dpi at real size (design at 100%). Lower resolutions can result in poor results and higher will only increase the document size.
    • Save your artwork in PDF format and in the Adobe PDF presets select High Quality Print and in the options check the box that says Preserve Illustrator Editing Capabilities.
    • Accepted File Types: PDF, PNG and JPEG. We don’t accept low resolution JPEG or PNG files.
    Amount Price per piece* Total price** Production time***
    250 € 1,78 € 445,00 2 weeks
    500 € 1,44 € 720,00 2 weeks
    1.000 € 1,18 € 1180,00 2 weeks
    2.000 € 0,94 € 1880,00 3 weeks
    5.000 € 0,88 € 4400,00 4 weeks

    * Start-up costs € 55 per order
    ** Production time (in weeks) after approval of the artwork.
    *** Excluding shipping costs and start-up costs.

    Read in advance these design specifications so that your personalized condoms will look exactly as you want. If you need help with designing, please contact us.

    To start the design, first select your favorite promo condom. You can automatically calculate the costs on the site.

    In order to guarantee the quality of the product, we prefer to receive the design in PDF format. All letters must be converted to contour lines. Below you can download the ‘Die Cuts’ (line work) of the condom designs. Use line work as a guideline, if you want, you can delete guidelines for final delivery.

    Cut Condoom Classic (PDF)
    Cut Condoom Budget Classic (PDF)
    Die Cut Condoom Cup (PDF)
    Cut Condoom Cup Doming (PDF)
    Condoomhoesje (PDF)
    Condoomhoesje XL (PDF)
    Cut Condoomhoesje Custom Made (PDF)
    Cut Condoom Wrapper (PDF)


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